Sodwana Bay Scuba Dive excursion spot - South African

Sodwana is found 400 km north of Durban close to the Mozambique outskirt and all things considered appreciates a tropical atmosphere. The blend of tropical daylight and the pleasant and comfortable Aughlas current which streams over the reefs, has permitted the development of a totally one of a kind coral reef controlled by utilizing brilliant delicate corals.

More than 1200 types of reef angle have been perceived inside the area and the reefs are much of the time visited by methods for the creatures such Mantas, Whale sharks, Zambezi sharks, Humpback whales and dolphins.

a few sightings are occasional, together with the Whales, that are just observed sooner or later of their relocation from June to September. Loggerhead turtles are regular year round, anyway from November through to January they can been noticeable laying eggs at the seashores around evening time. amid this time you can moreover observe the tricky mammoth Leatherback turtles.

Sodwana moreover has safe shorelines for swimming in the ocean. Weatherwise the superb time to visit Sodwana is from March through to June while the atmosphere is moderate. July to September is appeared as the blustery season, regardless of the way that excellent. in spite of the fact that October through to February is hot with thundershowers, on the off chance that you can deal with the glow it is additionally an incredible time to visit as that is while the perceivability is ideal.

Sodwana Bay is a standout amongst the most famous of the plunge sites - way "minimal one all alone" in Zulu, is without issues accessible, handiest three and a half hours - four hours weight from Durban by methods for tar street. Temperatures are as a rule above 21° C (70° F) and avergering 24° C - 28° C. there are various shallow seaside pools, which may be proper for swimming with energizing reef developments and fish ways of life

Anton's Reef - 2 Mile Reef

normal profundity is 15m. An exceptional assortment of private tropical fish and thick shores of vast eyes, Moorish Idols and Snappers float over the coral. Scorpionfish, moray eels, vast potato bass, marbled beams and triggerfish are a not unordinary locate. The coral is thick and changed, breathtaking for pictures.


basic profundity 10 - 15m. The development of the corals looks like that of crevasses and caverns, sandy patches flanked with the guide of over-hangs, dividers and swim throughs. now and again a visit from a passing shore of dolphins, whale shark or tremendous pelagics can be unmistakable.

Ravines, Caves and Overhangs

normal profundity is 10 - 15 m. Inhabitant potato bass are up to at any rate one.5 m long. Ocean turtles and beams are consistently unmistakable here. A colossal scope of coral and spineless creatures happen in this zone because of the shallow profundities and legitimate light entrance. Little sharks can be located.

Seven and 9 Mile Reef

The drop-offs and mushroom-shaped zeniths, normal for this super ref with its extraordinary decent variety of marine presence, make it a most loved among jumpers.

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